2 new G300NH units same problem please help! :(

hi guys. just received two sets of G300NH. Flashed both to fw1.77
Thought of using them to finally upgrade my 11g home network.

At the moment my 11g router works excellent with my 720p videos (wireless streaming from wired NAS), it struggles with 1080p videos though.

So, when I set up the G300NH, I was surprised to see it straight away was struggling to streaming 720p. So i decided to do some proper analysis.

I opened FIlezilla and tried to do upload and download of a 700mb file between my (wireless) laptop and the (wired) NAS first on the 11g router and the G300NH. The results were extremely shocking.

WRT54GL(stock fw)
download avg: 3 MB/s
upload: didnt measure. cause 3MB/s i felt showed that all was well on a 54Mbps g-network.

G300NH (fw1.77)
download: average around 700KB/s max 1MB/s...seemed very choppy...wasnt fluid or smooth
upload: extremely smooth, not choppy at all... average around 15MB/s , went up to 20MB/s

I could not explain this. Tried resetting the unit, no change. Tried downgrading to fw1.76, no change. Tried second unit, also same...extremely low wlan download speed, normal upload speed. Tried different channels and WPA/WPA2 mixed mode also same thing.

It cant be that both units I got were faulty, could they? :(

Please help.
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  1. have you tried to use 20MHz only?

    see if the DD-WRT firmware works better.

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