Will this heatsink fit ?

I have an MSI Raptor ATX Mid Tower with a MSI 970A-G46 9 Series AM3+ Motherboard

Im trying to insall a Hyper 212 EVO heatsink on my FX8120 processor.

I have 2 sticks of RAM in it... is this giant fan gonna fit? Just to know before i buy it.

Can anyone tell me this?
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  1. The RAM won't be an issue. The case, however, will be.

    The case is only 7.09" wide and the 212 Evo requires a case width of at least 7.26" at the absolute minimum. You'll need a low(er) profile cooler.
  2. Bummer. is the 212+ smaller?
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    trevatheruiner1 said:
    Bummer. is the 212+ smaller?

    By a half mm, lol (literally).

    Nah, I'd suggest something like the Hyper TX3. It's not quite as good as the 212+/Evo, but it's still good and it'll fit.
  4. Is that compatabe with AMD 3+? I have a FX8120 cpu
  5. trevatheruiner1 said:
    Is that compatabe with AMD 3+? I have a FX8120 cpu

    Yep (it even uses the AMD clip mechanism, although you can screw it down on Intel systems).
  6. Oh nice that makes it easy. Thanks!
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  8. You're welcome. :)
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