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Last night my PC started crashing under certain conditions once I'd installed the nVidia 296.10 drivers. The vast majority of videos on YouTube are now green boxes with sound (some play the actual content but they are few and far between) but more alarmingly I can't play any games for more than 5 minutes. Examples include Battlefield 3, Skyrim, Eve Online, Batman: Arkham City and Dawn of War II, all of which my computer ran completely fine prior to updating my drivers. Whenever I attempt to play these games I'll get a few minutes of gameplay and one of three things will happen:

- The screen will freeze at the frame it's on with the current sound being looped. The only way to remedy this is by hard resetting via the case power button
- My screen will go black for a few seconds before returning to the game. Sound is still played normally during the black screen
- The application will crash to desktop with an error bubble stating that my drivers failed but then recovered.

The list is in order from most common to least common. I did a quick Google this morning and found that I'm just one among seemingly thousands who are having this issue. I tried un-installing the new 296.10 drivers and clean installing back to the known-good 285.62 however this hasn't sorted the issue out. I then tried going back further to the 275.33 and even forwards to the beta 301.24 drivers however the issues remain the same. I'm not inclined to believe this is a hardware failure as my PC is only a few months old and my temperature monitors have never risen above normal operating figures. Plus, up until when I updated my drivers everything was fine.

Can anyone provide a solution to the driver woes that I'm having as this is frustrating to the max. This rig was built simply to play games on and now all it can seemingly do without crashing is browse the internet.

For reference my specs are:

Intel i5 2500k 3.30GHz
ASUS P8P67 Mobo
Corsair TX650 PSU

I might add that none of my hardware is overclocked to my knowledge and is all at factory stock settings.

Thanks in advance for any help given.
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  1. Run Driver Sweeper ( ) in safe mode after uninstalling the driver before installing the known good version.
  2. szaboaz said:
    Run Driver Sweeper ( ) in safe mode after uninstalling the driver before installing the known good version.

    Thanks for the reply.

    I've been using Driver Sweeper (in safe mode) every time I've tried using different drivers but it doesn't seem to have had an effect :\
  3. Can't you think of a practical way to try another Windows 7 instance on the machine? I'm thinking of an an older unused hard drive that you could use just for this. I really don't want to say the lame "R" word (reinstall), because I know it can be painful. Spending a couple of days till everything is the installed/setup the way you like. But that would certainly exclude hardware error/fix the problem. Or prove otherwise.

    ps. I realized that you never mentioned Windows 7... but you use Windows 7, don't you.
  4. Yeah I'm using Win7.

    I won't be able to get another HDD or attempt a complete reinstall until next week as I'm away from home at the moment and just have my tower+gear with me right now but it's definitely something to think about doing if I can't resolve this issue before then.
  5. for the your tube issue it could be that your java and flash are old or damaged.i would uninstall them and put a clean copy on your pc.if th video are still green go into flash and not use hardware. one thing to use also is msi afterburner. check to see where your fan is set and it speed. you could have a slow or non working fan and the hard overheating and locking up.
    msi afterburner will also show if your card over clocked or not.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion, smorizio. I disabled hardware acceleration and YouTube videos are working fine now.

    I already have MSI Afterburner and my fans are all working and going at the correct speed and my GPU is at factory settings so not overclocked. I've tried tinkering with the voltage and doing some slight under/overclocking as it seems to have helped others but it's not done anything for my situation.

    Thanks for the suggestion though :)
  7. Just a quick update:

    I've done some testing in Battlefield 3 and whenever I join a server the client crashes exactly 30 seconds from the spawn screen loading. I've recreated this crash about 10 times now and each time it crashes to desktop with the kernel error bubble.

    I've also realised that if I use the 285.62 drivers then all my games crash to desktop with the kernel error but if I use the 296 or 301 drivers my entire system locks up and I have to hard reset it.

    I also took the liberty of cleaning out my tower with compressed air, on the off chance it was a dust-related problem. I now have a clean PC that still crashes :(
  8. maybe should look nvidia forums about this. you can report your problem directly to nvidia so they can investigate the matter and fix the problem on later release. if you're lucky there might be user on the forum able to give you some work around for your problem.

    i hate to say this but this problem might also be specific to your card only. i for one has been using nvidia whql and beta drivers for a long time but so far in games everything seems to work just fine. its not perfect (like choppy you tube video playback on full screen) but from my personal experience gaming performance was solid with nvidia drivers even with the beta one.
  9. Thanks for the reply.

    I've made a thread about this on the nVidia forums but no one has replied so I made it on TH as well as these forums seem a little bit more active.
  10. did you post your problem on the official driver feedback thread?
  11. Yeah I did.
  12. Sounds like you have a dirty system.... Not dusty i mean file wise. You could have corrupted it with all the multiple driver installations. Its kinda like force feeding. It works for a while but eventually the food is gonna be spat back out.... Sounds so harsh
  13. cabledolt said:
    Yeah I did.

    then hopefully there will be user on the forum will help/give better advice to you or manuelG personally take attention to your post
  14. you may have a compatibility problem with the motherboard chipset.
  15. My friend I am one of the thousands as well.

    I also posted this issue here. The exact same thing occurred with me and I also have an ASUS MB...maybe that is the issue for both of us.

    I was using old GPU Drivers from Jan 2011 and figured it was time, so I installed the 296.10. Then like clockwork every game I tried..within 5-10 mins BAMM screen tweaks and I have to hard reboot.

    I tried the 301s, the rollback everything and I still have this issue. I have a super clean PC haha like you and all fans are spinning, no heat issue or volt issue. I am even on the same PC now with no GPU issues, but once I load any game..BAMM it dies.

    I really do not want to buy a new GPU..but since this is due to Nvidia I might just roll on over to a Raedon just in spite.

    Please contact if you have any resolution.

    I used Drive sweeper as well in safe mode..currently running my original drivers 266.58.

    pretty insane if you as me. Maybe its time to call them...Just hoping someone on this website will help..they always seem to :)


    Windows Vista Home Premium (x64) Service Pack 2 (build 6002)
    Board: ASUSTeK Computer INC. P5QL-E Rev 2.xx
    Bus Clock: 333 megahertz
    BIOS: American Megatrends Inc. 0801 10/14/2008
    4096 Megabytes Usable Installed Memory
    NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS 512 [Display adapter]
    LG L227W [Monitor] (23.0"vis, February 2008)
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