Good Fans to Upgrade the Antec Three Hundred Illusion?

Just wanted to know the best fans for the money for the case listed in the title. Just 2 or if it surpasses $15 then 1 fan for the side. Also, I don't care if there are no LEDs on the fan if it is a good one, but if the best 120mm has LEDs, preferably blue to match the base 4 that come with the case.
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  2. just get some cheap tri cool fans there antec fans so you know they will give good air flow. i have em in my 900mk2 problem is they can be noisy if turned all the way up and your watching a movie.
    if quiet is your aim then look for hydrodynamic or fluid dynamic bearing fans like the Scythe
    perfectly adequate cooling with zero case noise from them fans. you will hear the gpu and cpu fans though as they will become the loudest 1s in your case.
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