Baking My 260 GTX

I've seen some treads about baking the graphics card, i've done it twice, the first time no improvement, the second time slight improvement...

the problem began when my ASUS 260GTX started squealng, then he woudn't run any games, but strangely he booted up the win7 fine...

after the second time the games are running... not the best (some freezeing and artefacts) but running...

what do you think... will baking again help?
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  1. my rivatuner shows(idle+100%fan):
    core clock \ROP (mhz) - 300
    core clock \shader (mhz) - 601
    memory clock (mhz) - 100
    core temp (Cel.) - 31
    Ambidient temp (Cle.) - 33
    Fan Speed (RPM) - 3040
    Fan Duty Cycle (%) - 100
    Supply (V) - 3.31
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