Hmm... 7870 or 6970 or gtx 570

hi everyone im back posting about my new build which sooo far is this:

Monitor - 22" 1080p Monitor
Case - Antec Two Hundred v2
Motherboard - ASRock Extreme3 Gen3
Proccesor - Intel i5 2500k
RAM - G.Skill Ripjaws X DDR3 1600
PSU - OCZ Fatal1ty 750W 80PLUS Bronze Certified
GPU ?????

now this is what im stuck on and im sure atleast 75% of new system builders get stuck on gpu's as well but im from australia and i have a MAX of $400AUD to spend on a GPU and ive done ALOT of research on finding the one for me.. to answer a question straight away yes, this is a rig for bf3.. now lets get to the point im suck between these:

Sapphire AMD HD 7870 Ghz Edition Overclocked

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 570 1280MB Overclocked v2

or a used 6970

BUT from my research ive have found out that the 7870 beats the gtx 570 and the 6970. but im not entirely sure so i came here.

and also would i be able to run 2 7870's in Xfire on My psu with my i5 2500k oc'd @4Ghz???

a quick reply would be apreciated

thanks, stapo19
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  1. thanks man, but wow im amazed how good xfired 7870's are , check this out
  2. stapo19 said:
    thanks man, but wow im amazed how good xfired 7870's are , check this out

    yep 7870 is a great card for the is a 28nm card that means less power consumption+more overclocking+cooler operations=great fun!
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