My cpu not working after installing cooler master hyper212 evo

hey guys please help
i m using phenom2 1055t processor, gigabyte 880 gma usb3 motherboard, zebronics 600 watt smps, 4 gb ram 1333mhz,and zotc gtx460 1gb graphics card
i want to know that when i installed cooler master hyper 212 evo my system and after that i switch on the power everything is working like my cabinet fans are working my gpu fan is also working and the {just installed coolermaster hyper 212evo's fan is also working but my moniter cant detect the cpu and its showed no signal detected i have tried many times in my moniter and after that i brought 2 moniters brand new from my friends shop but same problem after trying many times again i installed my old amd stock cooler and now its working nicely so can anyone tell me what to do it will be a great help if some one help me please help me tackle this problem or i have to fix the cooler with cpu very tightly actually i have fixed it tight enough with the processor :bounce: :bounce: :( :( :( :??: :??: :??:
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  1. What do you mean by the "monitor can't detect the cpu"? When you power on, does the motherboard go through its POST (Power On Self Test) checks? Do you get to the BIOS splash screen?

    The monitor doesn't "detect" components, so I don't know why you bought different monitors to figure this out. The system itself (the motherboard and the firmware) detect the components, including the CPU, when the board is going through its POST - you should see little red LED's going on and off in different spots on the board (this is the components being checked one at a time), and then hear a "Beep" if all is good, usually at the same time that the BIOS splash screen appears.

    What appeared on the display (monitor) when you had the Hyper 212 installed, nothing? If you re-install the Hyper 212 cooler, power the system up and tell us if red lights blink on and off on the motherboard, and if you hear any beeps. The number and sequence of beeps indicate different issues (refer to your motherboard manual) What you want to hear is just one beep, this means POST passed all checks and the system is now booting up.

    Some boards have an LED digital readout (it would be a small square screen somewhere on your board) that displays a number or several numbers in succession when you power on. These correspond to hexadecimal codes that stand for different problems; your motherboard manual should have a description of what these codes mean, if the board has that feature.
  2. no it does not show anything only the fans use to work both cpu gpu and system fans and no beep nothing
  3. and fan led and smps led works no beep sound
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