IS IPS noticably better for gaming ?

Hi guys,

I'm looking at parts fro a new rig soon and the wife wants a larger monitor, she has a standard 19" at the moment so I thought that as these IPS monitors are getting good press at the moment and have come down in price I would consider the following options.

1. Just get here a new 22" TN 1080p monitor and keep my BenQ LED back light monitor (1080p) also 22"
2. Get myself a new IPS 22" 1080p and give here the Benq
3. Get her a new 22" IPS 1080p

Can anyone advise from experience, would the IPS make a noticeable difference to me in games ? The biggest feature that seems to be getting pushed is better viewing angles ?? Its a PC for Christ sake I sit directly in front of it :lol:

Any advice greatly appreciated
Thanks for reading
Mactronix :)
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  1. IMHO,IPS isn't that great for gaming.i agree the colors are sharper and viewing angle is better but that helps in pro video or image editing.for gaming,a good 23~24" monitor is great.
  2. The best, would be if you could see the diff, ie visit a store that has one. Unfornatuatly Bestbuy doesn't normally carry, probably a mictocent (if close would be a better bet.
    They are great for photo work).
    ..Colors, contrast ratio and brigtness are their biggest advantage.
    .. Viewing angle - Mixed bag as you indicated with a small screen may not be that big of an issue when you are sitting directly infront.
    ..One disadvantage seems to be the on/off time for the pixels. For very fast movement may have blurr effect which can effect game play and watching a blue ray/DVD with a fast action.
    Cost effectiveness. For the price may be able to move up to a larger LED screen.
  3. Now that Idea I like give here the 22" screen and get a bigger one for me, don't think that would end too well for me some how :whistle:

    Thanks for the input so far im leaning towards sticking with TN.

    Mactronix :)
  4. You could make a BIG hit, and giver her the NEWER, Larger Monitor - LOL.
    I seem to always pass my monitor down to the wife. I'm in the process of passing the Samsung 24" Monitor/HDTV (16:10 not the 16:9) to her. I bought the samsung 32" LED 120 Hz HDTV for a monitor. Great for gaming (BUT NOT a gamer - o'well) and/or watching DVD/Blu-ray or TV, But not so great for Internet (Text not so great).
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