r6870 hawk display driver error

Ok so i rma'ed my r6870 hawk and the new one they sent keeps giving me the (display driver stopped responding and has recovered) error every time a start a game and if i try browsing the web or anything on the desktop it give me the error every
2 to 5 mins my computer freezes then in 3 to 6 sec the screen blinks and the error comes up any ideas.

i have tried fresh install of windows 7
newest motherboard bios
older display drivers
reseating the card 3 or so times
graphics card bios update they where the newest available
installed the newest chipset drivers
and many other things i can't remember

i have no other computer to test with
but my other card worked for a while and played threw battlefield 3 single player 6 to 7 hours
and lots of internet browsing with out ever having the display driver error

system secs
gigabyte MA785GMT-UD2H
Athlon II X3 440
western digital black 500gb sata
G.SKILL 2GB 2 x 1GB DDR3 1600
corsair cx400
dvd cd burner combo ide
front case fan 80mm
rear case fan 120mm
random gateway case from really old computer.

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  1. What is the wattage of your Power Supply? If there isn't enough juice when it trys to spool up it can cause the GPU / rest of your machine to crash.

    If its happening with two different cards, with a clean install and different drivers then it sounds like it is a hardware issue.

    Does your motherboard have another PCIe slot to try it in?
  2. its a corsair cx 400watt 30 amps on the 12+volt rail its cutting it close
    but by no means underpowered and this card has a display error and my other card
    had a black screen computer lock up problem. this guy has the same power supply and his cpu pulls more watts then mine
  3. Using this:

    It suggests you should have 600Watts and I tend to agree

    The ATI site:


    Suggests at least 500 watts

    IMO its a power issue and you need a burlier PSU.
  4. i am getting a new power supply its in the mall its a corsair 750w tx v2
  5. it was not the power supply you where wrong.
  6. So take it back and put the old one back in and buy a new motherboard?

    That is the only thing I can think of right now.
  7. got my card back from RMA for the 2nd time and it now works to bad its in as poor condition as the last one they sent. my first card was in perfect mint condition and i get back dirty scratched up junk

    the person i contacted about my bad card the 2nd time said they would pick one in better condition for me this time i guess she was telling what i wanted to hear.
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