Black Screen (Samsung Monitor)

Samsung 23" 300 Series LED Monitor (S23A300B)

The monitor Worked fine for about 5 month, now it shows a black screen. I ran A Self Test and I saw the box in the top left corner of the monitor alternating between Analog and Digital. After a few seconds it displays “Check Signal Cable” DIGITAL but when I try to change to ANALOGO it remains black for a few seconds and then it displays “Check Signal Cable” DIGITAL again. When the D-sub cable is connected it remains black. I don’t have digital output so I cannot test in digital mode but I have tested all other things (Cable, Pc output, etc.). I don't know what to do. Waiting for response. Thank you for your time. :bounce:

I tested both the monitor and the laptop with a Know Good System. The laptop video card is working fine but the monitor is not working on analog mode. I would like to test it on digital mode but I don't have a digital video card. I am almost sure that it will work fine on digital mode because when you turn on the monitor with no cable connected it shows “Check Signal Cable” DIGITAL but when I change it to ANALOG it doesn't show any thing (Black screen) until it automatically switch back to DIGITAL. It has to be a problem with the ANALOG mode of the Monitor. The D-sub cable has been tested, and I don't think that the D-sub connector in the monitor is bad. :bounce:

There should be a Category and Sub-Category for Monitors but I couldn't find it so I used Graphics Cards to ask this question. Sorry about that. :pt1cable:
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  1. It sounds like the monitor is working since it is able to display the "Check Signal Cable" message. You should test the monitor on a different computer or laptop to see if it is the monitor or your computer that is malfunctioning.
  2. It might, or likely is a graphics card thing. I know, you didn't change anything on your card, but I had the same thing happen to me. I even went so far as to send in my monitor to the manufacturer because I swore I didn't do anything different, and it just stopped working.
    I got my monitor back, and I just pretty much changed the vga or dvi cable position and reinstalled the driver and such until I pretty much tricked it into working again.
    Likely the problem is that your computer thinks there's another monitor somewhere, and is only displaying on that one.
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