Please ,what version SB Live card do i have?


I don't know what version card i have.

I removed the card and found these number's...

Serial # TSB0100110003406


OO36K 3012

Model SB 0100


On the outside of the card i have a Blue- Pink-
Green- aand Black jacks.

In the inside of card i have connections for....

Can you tell me what version of sound blaster live i
have..i'm going crazy!!

Thankyou so much


" Soon My Friend , Soon...."
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  1. The problem is, that the SB Live 5.1 cards are all exactly the same. Just different software with them. That's why there's an OEM SB Live 5.1, but no retail version, and no OEM version of the MP3, X-Gamer or Platinum versions. What you have my friend, is a Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 card. Nothing more, nothing less.

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  2. Hi Fatburger,

    Ok, i understand , so it's safe to say this is NOT A VALUE VERSION?

    PS Thanks alot for taking the time to reply ,have a great holiday : >


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  3. No, it's not. If it was, it would have one less output (I think it wouldn't have black).

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  4. Thanks Burger Man :)

    You the best!


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  5. sorry to disagree but my understanding was that the SB live value had different input/outputs than the SB live retail (which is what i think i have ... and it has 4 'gold-plated' output jacks on the back of the computer beside the joystick plug plus the 5 jacks for Digital Din, SPDIF in/out and Midi in/out).
  6. Nope, my old sb live value with digital out has the same outputs as the MP3+ that I have now. He can at least be sure that it's not an SB Live without the digital out.

    So here's what he knows: He's got an sb live that has digital out (that's the orange one). Whether it's a value or a 5.1 has yet to be determined...

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  7. I was thinking the 'old' sb live didn't have the yellow output (3.5mm 4-pole digital out), and had only 4 ports with dark colors (dark red, dark blue, black, dark green). My Live Value has a yellow, pastel blue, pastel pink, pastel green, and black.

    And don't the 5.1 cards use orange instead of yellow?
  8. True, the "old" one didn't have the digital out. But the new ones do. The 5.1s may in fact use orange instead of yellow, but the looked to be the same colour (or close anyways) to me.

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  9. Has anyone been surfing over to recently? Every other link I follow is a deadend. I simply cannot navigate their site, it's as if half of their servers are not responding. Anyone having a similar experience?
  10. *sigh* Why must I constantly be proved wrong? At least I was going in the right direction.

    Couldn't find any pics on Creative Labs page to verify anything, but at least I didn't have any problems on the page, I guess.

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  11. I also had trouble with the sb live card drivers. I d'l the live value drivers >6mb and they worked fine. I had to reformat and partition and then decided to try the 29mb liveware 3 or something and those completely wouldn't load and my ard wouldn't work. I decided to re-d/l the live value drivers and now those wont work. IN my win 98 system in control panel, the device is there but there is a problem listed with it. There are no conflicts, but windows says the device is not working and that I shoudl try to update the driver.

    Can anyone tell me how to COMPLETELY remove all the live ware crap from the registry and everything and just go with the live value drivers and move on. I dont need this mp3 crap. I just want to play games and shake the windows.

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  12. >>True, the "old" one didn't have the digital out. But the new ones do. The 5.1s may in fact use orange instead of yellow, but the looked to be the same colour (or close anyways) to me.<<

    Yeap.. it's orange.. with the other connectors rainbow. The yellow is on the 4760 (kinda gold steel looking connectors on the back), which doesn't have the 5.1 but is otherwise the same card. Then the only difference between the now Value and the 4760 is the Value has no Digital Audio in for CD-Roms, which both the SB0060 and CT4760 do.

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  13. FatBurger... This isn't revenge for railing my company's website, but i must say you are wrong. I have the Live! Value, and it does have a black SPDIF output on the back I/O panel. The Value does support digital 4.1 speakers, but not 5.1. that is the main difference. The numbers he listed are almost identical to the one's on my card, and the inputs/outputs he listed are identical. Therefore, i think he has the Live! Value.

    there is my 2 cents... :)
  14. Hi all

    I finally found out what version my card is...5.1 value OEM version..check link below

    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>


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  15. :)

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