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How to "accidentally" break a computer beyond repair

Could someone please inform me on the best way to break a computer beyond repair without making it look like it was on purpose? Such as is there any liquids that will destroy the components within? If it is any help I have the Acer Aspire Z5761 All-in-one PC. If anyone is wondering why I wan't to know how to do this rest assured that it is completely for educational purposes and I have no bad intentions
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  1. lol
  2. 'Educational Purposes' Yeah right...LOL.
    There are many things that will destroy a pc, as a liquid...I would suggest water, it is beastly. Take apart the case/find a vent, and just sprinkle.
  3. Thermite. :sol:
  4. If it's for educational purposes then why must it look accidental?
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    we are not going to help you commit fraud or any other criminal acts. There's no legitimate purpose for this
  6. go somewhere else to find people stupid enough to help you through your divorce you nasty S-O-B.
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