Lag free campaign, lag full multiplayer?

I recently upgraded my computer with a new graphics card, an EVGA GT 240. I watched videos of people playing Crysis 2's campaign at extreme settings, and I also see them playing the Multiplayer with no lag. For me, campaign runs fine, but multiplayer lags like crazy unless I use the custom graphics settings. My computer has 2GBs of RAM and it has an i3 dual core processor at 3.00GHz. I think I need to upgrade my RAM. Any feedback? Thanks.
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  1. You're computer can't play Crysis on Ultra or even high at any decent resolution. Everything is too low for that: cpu, gpu and ram.

    4GB of ram would help and so would another graphics card. Ram is dirt cheap atm, i'll recommend some if you link your mother board.

    You should be able to get crysis playable, online and offline, but don't expect max settings. Max settings require a $150 gpu for lowish resolutions or a $250 gpu for 1920x1080.

    btw, what resolution is your screen?
  2. if u run single player fine but not multiplayer is a sign that your cpu isnt cutting it. mutliplayer requires more work from the cpu, not the gpu.
  3. First off all, My CPU is fine. 3.00GHz is plenty to run Crysis 2. SECOND, I've already played it on high and it works fine, and everyone I've seen play it on this card has either the same or LOWER CPU speed, like 2.2GHz or 2.4. It is not the CPU. THIRD, I DO expect max settings considering my GT240 is factory superclocked. My resolution is currently 1280x1024, until I upgrade to a new monitor. I'm 99.9% sure that I just need more RAM.
  4. Your GPU is by far the weakest link in your system. Then your RAM. Then your CPU (but your CPU is decent).

    Also CPU speed doesn't matter as much as CPU architecture. E.G. a Bloomfield processor at 4.0GHz is not as fast as an Sandy Bridge-E processor at 3.8Ghz, on average.
  5. You won't get max settings with a gt 240, even at 1280 x 1024

    Factory superclocked on such a low end card means nothing. By far, the most important factor is the number of CUDA or shader cores in the card. Your gt 240 has 96 shader cores. The latest top-of-the-line GTX 680 has 1536 shader cores. 'nuff said.

    The clock rates does make some difference, but overclocking usually raises it up 20% or so max. You can't make a 240 max crysis 2 because there is no way overclocking can't make up for the relatively low number of shader cores.

    You should look into a card with more cores like the GTX 560 (336 cores and running at a higher core clock than the gt 240) or a Radeon 7770.

    Upgrade your GPU and RAM.
  6. Wait... is multiplayer lagging because your internect connection is poor?
  7. ^lol, not sure why that never crossed my mind when i read his post...

    Use fraps or some other fps monitor (i think something like 'draw fps' works from the crysis cmd prompt, the ~ key brings up the prompt in game) and tell us what framerate you get when playing online.
  8. I did think it was my internet until I saw that my wireless connection is at 300mbps. From my testing, when I play Crysis 2 online with my custom settings, I get 20fps+.

    Ping 11
    DL Speed: 24.27Mbps
    Upload Speed: 4.25Mbps

    If your connection is anything near that its not your connection.
  10. 300mb/s? I want that!!
  11. 300mbps, that'd be sweet.
    You need around 5mbps to play smoothly. The 300mbps is your wireless speed.
  12. It's not 300 Mbps much less 300MB/s, your wireless speed =/= your internet conection speed.

    Just for grins.

  13. Just lower the settings, and don't expect to max out crysis 2. I've got GTX 560 Ti, which is far more powerful than your GT 240, and I still cannot max it out. It's just a game that isn't meant to be maxed out.
  14. sk1939 said:

    how much are you paying? or isn't that yours.
  15. Far too much a month ($600 or so), but it's commercial rather than residential.
  16. sk1939 said:
    Far too much a month ($600 or so), but it's commercial rather than residential.

    ya, but is it yours? =] do you pay for it? can you do what you want with it?

    or is it just the speed of the internet at the place you work?
  17. Company pays for it, and I can do mostly what I want with it since I manage it to begin with.

    Work internet of course, no one outside of Korea, Japan, or Kansas City has speeds like this to their house yet.
  18. i can get up to 150mbps through my provider in Canada. But that'd cost $150 a month, so i'm using the 30mbps plan. Plenty fast though and no throttling.
  19. OP: 4gb or even 8gb of RAM would help. 2gb on a modern system - and I assume running Windows 7? - is just terrible. I have lots of RAM, and just Windows alone uses just under 2gb. With only 2gb... well, yeah, that's going to hurt. You can buy cheap 2x4gb 1333mhz RAM now and I suggest you do that. If you only have a 32 bit Windows version, then you'll be limited to 4gb. Not sure but you might be able to reinstall it as 64 bit.

    After that the GPU is pretty slow. Just a 6770 would be a massive performance boost.

    An i3 isn't a bad CPU although it depends on which model. Is it the i3 540? What motherboard do you have? A future upgrade to an i5 760 would be awesome if you can - although you'll have to find it used most likely (ebay or kijiji).
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