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  1. everything seems fine here. no real suggestions to make lol

    guess it just depends on what youre trying to do with your rig.. but im guessing gaming??? but even for a gaming rig, it all seems just fine.

    guess the next step for you would to be choosing a gpu????
  2. I'll be using it for gaming ,audio and video converting and photo editing using Photoshop and other programs

    For the gpu , i already have 460 GTX and i'll buy another one ,because i saw many reviews about the power of 2x460 GTX and their performance...
  3. For A/V converting and photo editing, might be worth it to go with an i7.
    i7 2600k:

    1.5V RAM would be better. 16 Gb would also be ideal. Up to you to decide. I would just suggest another 8 Gb kit though. Something like this:
    G-skill Ares 8 Gb:

    I would suggest this mobo:
    Asrock z68 Extreme 3 Gen 3:

    I would suggest this PSU:
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