Internet Connection Sharing vs Network Bridge

I have to use a single network connection to provide LAN / WAN to a computer and an Apple TV.

Is it better to use a network bridge or internet connection sharing?

One connection is Gigabit and the other is Ethernet. If I use a bridge will it be degraded to 100Mbs?
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  1. what kind of network connection do you have? wired or wireless, public or private.

    what hardware you are going to use for bridging?

    it sounds like you are connecting wirelessly via computer and use ICS to your ATV.
  2. everything is a wired connection. I am connecting a desktop to my lan and wan via wired gigabit connection. I am connecting my apple tv by wired ethernet connection to the desktop. I am currently using a network bridge to perform the connection. network bridge that is connecting at 1 gigabit per second but the 2 lan connection shows 100 megabits per second. my question is what is better ics or network bridge
  3. can you list your network equipment by make and model? I am confused maybe by the terminology you are using.

    does you computer use two network cards?

    'my lan and wan' is it a router?

    'network bridge' is it a switch?
  4. Let's try it this way. I have computer with 2 nics. One nic connected to the router which is connected t the cable modem. The other nic is connected to the apple tv. I am bridging the two nics to join them to the network. The connection from nic1 to router is gigabit. The connection from nic2 to appletv is ethernet. Does that make sense?
  5. okay got it.

    why can't the appletv be connected to the router, too?
  6. The connection to the computer is from a plate in the wall tha has only one connection. The router is way upstairs. I would have to run another cat 5e through walls and stuff to get to it.
  7. so the router is upstairs and a cable runs through the walls to a wall outlet in the room where you computer is. your computer connects to the wall outlet.

    you could use a switch connect that to the wall outlet and then connect the computer and the AppleTV to that switch.
  8. I did that it slowed streaming down. The question is network bridge or ics?
  9. I would try ICS with a Crossover Network Cable
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