Video card only works half way seated

This is weird and was wondering if anyone has seen this happen.

We had a power outage today while i was using my computer. when trying to turn it on after the outage the pc would not boot up but my video fan was running super fast and super loud. I unplugged it to reseat the card. I did not have it all the way in and screwed into my case because i was trying to see what the problem was. I turned the pc on and it booted up. I turned it back off to screw the card to the case and it started spinning hard again and not booting up. so I did not fully seat the card and my pc is working.

I dont understand how the power outage caused my card to only work not fully seated.

any thoughts?
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  1. Take card out and look at it under a good light. Check the contacts on both sides of the edge connector for anything shorting two of the contacts... probably near the tops. The power outage may have been accompanied by a voltage surge that momentarily spiked the voltage and caused arcing across the contacts. Check with a flashlight in the board's slot as well. You may want to blow out any debris in the slot too.
  2. The only logical reason could be what clutchc has touched on - something in the slot causing a short when inserted fully. Other than that, a cold solder joint is possible but highly unlikely.
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