Keep 2 6870s or get 7970

I have two 6870s but am thinking aobut getting a 7970. Do you think it is worth the upgrade?

1080p & games like BF3, metro, COD
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  1. Yea it could be a nice upgrade, more vram, and more centered Gaming Power
  2. Wait til Memorial Day sales.
    But if this is my case.
    I go with 7970.
    But i were have 6950 x2.

    I just stay with 6950 x2.
  3. Just read on another thread that AMD is dropping prices. The 7970 is a bad a** overclocker. You can hit 1125MHz and 1575MHz and run stable with no voltage increase. It also runs cooler than the 6000 series. Get one with a non reference cooler and you can expect to run in the low 60's while benchmarking at max overcock. I would take a 7970 over two 6950's but that is my opinion.
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