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I recently bought a Folon 9800gt gb GDDR3 graphics card. Before this I had a msi 8400gs. But when i installed it on my pc and connected my VGA it wont work...I have a 450W power supply also PCI express. I dont know what to do now...plz plz need help
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  1. Try a plugging it in to a different output. Make sure you have the power connectors are attached to the graphics card.
  2. did u check your bios settings to make sure its not set to use onboard?
  3. does the 9800gt's fan spin?
  4. the monitor doesn't start either... so i cant check bios
  5. yes the fan spins
  6. Wait...your card's not working, right? Tell it to get a job, or you're going to leave it. Should be motivation enought o get it working. Let me know how that works out.
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