Video card for intel pentium4 processor

i am install video card in my computer
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  1. If you have a pentium 4 cpu, you should not be spending money on an upgrade. You need to update your entire system.

    If you absolutely must buy a GPU, get something like a 6670. Even that will be bottlenecked by the pentium 4, however... it's a very outdated processor.
  2. Bigmack, come on bro. You should know the motherboard he has won't support that card, much less his power supply.
    Deepu_15, get the radeon hd 3870 agp. That's the most powerful graphics card that will be supported by your motherboard, as it has an agp interface.
  3. Or this,
    Since it's available, and the 3870 agp is not.
  4. deepu_15 said:
    i am install video card in my computer

    Don't think they released a 3870 in AGP I'm pretty sure the 3850 was the fastest 3 series card released. If you are looking for an AGP card then I'm pretty sure the 4650 was the most up to date card released on that interface.

    Please check with the motherboard makers website for compatibility . You could well need a Bios update.

    Mactronix :)
  5. heh... didn't check his mobo or really anything other than "new video card on pentium 4?"

    yeah... basically don't upgrade anything until you can revamp the whole system
  6. lol pentium 4
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