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hello everyone, I am new to desktops. I have had laptops my whole life and after looking at the benefits of building a desktop I have decided to do just that. I have finally decided on all the parts and I just need to know if they will work together sorry for such a huge task but I am just very scared that i will purchase all the parts and it is not going to work. (P.S this is going to be used for hardcore gaming battlefield 3, diablo 3, etc.) here are the parts.
video card:
optical drive:
power supply:
if you could give me some suggestions and anything else that would be great :) thank you.
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  2. That 580 is unavailable

    This is the cheapest one
  3. guerrero said:
    That 580 is unavailable

    This is the cheapest one

    but I will be geting these parts at the end of the year so I am hoping that they will have restocked i will look at the other video card also thanks.
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