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So I just did an overclock of my core 2 duo e7500 and made it go from 2.93 to 3.1 ghz. When in the bios I changed the fsb speed but left voltage on auto. Is that ok?
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  1. with an overclock that small, you will be fine.
  2. lol i used to oc mine c2d 2.93 into 3.8 ghz and then after at all i got restart because of stock over clocking u need an good cooler to oc good my friend who have same one get oc his cpu upto 4 ghz with corsair h100
  3. Oh ok I actually have not the stock cooler, the guy I bought it from made this computer custom so it came with a arctic freezer 7 pro and he said that at 3.8 it should be fine but I dont really know much more about getting it higher then what I have. Could anybody give me a suggestion on what I need to do to get it higher.

    System specs:
    Intel core 2 duo e7500 @2.93 ghz(small overclock to 3.1ghz)
    Asus P5q-Pro Turbo
    6gb G.Skill Ram
    500w Antec earth watts PSU.
  4. there are lots of guides that can help you with that but here is a "down and dirty" guide:
    (keep in mind all cpus are not the same what one person gets doesn't mean everyone or you will get that)

    download prime95 to test with and know how to reset the bios in case of a post failure (computer won't start with configured bios settings.) also a pencil/pen and paper to write down the settings so you can keep track of them helps.

    a side note on the front side bus (fsb), it may not read the same as others. the default fsb for your cpu is 1066 (266.5). the fsb is qdr or quad data rate

    turn off speed step, unlink the ram from the front side bus and set the front side bus at stock settings.
    while at stock speed turn off auto for the vcore (the cpu voltage) and lower it a few increments then test with prime95 for about a half an hour. if it passes then lower the vcore a few more and test again; you are trying to find the lowest vcore at stock settings and that will help you keep it low when overclocking, which will help with you temps and stability.

    when/if it fails prime95 or doesn't post (then you reset the bios and go to your last known working settings) raise the vcore up one bump (increment) and test in prime95. if you had to reset the bios, make sure you turned off speed step and any power saving features (like C1 state) and unlink the ram.

    once you found the lowest vcore; go and raise the fsb a few increments and test with prime95. when it fails in prime95 then raise the voltage one bump to stable it.

    you will wash, rinse and repeat taking turns raising the fsb until failure in prime95 and bumping up the vcore.

    to get the cpu to where you are looking for would mean the fsb will be at 1384 (346). fortunately you have a motherboard with the P45 chipset which overclocks very well so you should not be limited with it.

    the two main things to look at is your vcore, going past 1.3 is getting into crazy land, 1.35+ is pretty nutty unless you don't care how long the cpu lasts and just want speed. also watch your temps, if they get towards 75 celsius you may want to check that the heatsink is seated correctly or may need "newer" thermal paste.

    edit: i forgot; you may or may not be able to link the ram back. that will depend on what speed it is. it is nice if you can but unless the fsb hits a sweet spot where you can, you will most likely need to leave it unlinked and configure the speed manually.

    i do highly recommend you read a few guides until you are sure you know what you are doing.

    Videoof somebody O/C to 3.2 on a similar board as yours.

    Will give you pointers, just watch the cpu temps.
  6. Oh ok I did see that video and did the same thing and it worked so far now my cpu is at 3.2 so im getting farther but I want to know about what other people's voltages are and how fast they have it now. How long it also took them for that.
  7. Ok so I now have the CPU at around 3.4ghz and left all voltages at auto. when doing a 16 minute stress test my cpu as a whole had a maximum temp of 61C, The individual cores core #1 and core #2 had a max temp of 58C. Am I still fine temp wise to keep it at this speed or should I lower it?
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