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Hello everyone.
I got to a school that uses apple computers, but upon startup, you can choose between windows 7, and OSX. I have a custom machine, and I was wondering if it is possible for me to do the same. I want to have windows 7, and then some Mac OS. Also, if this is possible, could I use programs such as garageband, but still use programs for windows? (Not at the same time, for example: use garageband, then switch to windows and play some games.)
Thanks all.
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  1. I think that kind of system is referred to as a hackintosh, you'll have to google that for some idea of whats involved though, you can't just install a mac Os on a windows Pc, I know that much :-)
  2. Yes, there are several ways to go about doing this. (at least I think)

    Give this a shot.
  3. It is "sometimes" possible to install OSX on non-Apple hardware but it's hackish (hence the Hackintosh reference). Unfortunately it's also a violation of the OSX terms of service and against my own personal beliefs against using shitty software so we can't really do more than tell you of its existence.
  4. I personally couldn't care less about Apple's ToS. Not that I'm a "free everything" kind of guy, but I personally object to a company having such strenuous terms of use on products we bought from them. Theres absolutely no legitimate reason that modifying the computer in such a way would impact their business. So screw em.

    Disclaimer: Nekulturny is a private individual expressing his own personal opinion. Nekulturny's opinion is in no way shared by Tom's Hardware or any of its affiliates.
  5. Oh I couldn't agree more. However, terms of service violations are a good way to get a product key disabled (although I'm not sure if this has ever happened with Hackintoshes, I know that Apple won a suit against someone selling them)
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