Can this run BF3/Skyrim/Crysis 2 On highest settings

Hi guys, was wondering whether(if i buy it) my new gaming rig would be able to run bf3, skyrim and crysis 2 on highest settings(close to highest)

i5 3550
Gigabyte Z77-D3H Motherboard
8GB DDR3 Ram
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 670 Overclocked Video Card
750W PSU

I will possibly Overclock, and SLI in the future, once this card becomes a little bit old.

I am open to any suggestions.
Many Thanks

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  1. Oh ok thanks! Did not realise a $1200 build would be enough to run such high games. I already knew it could run skyrim without any troubles, but thanks.
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    You can't overclock the 3550. Make it a 3570K.
    I don't recommend that mobo. It can't handle 670 SLI, which is a logical, economical future upgrade, as its second PCIe slot is 2.0 x4. Go for an ASRock Z77 Extreme4 instead:
    Make sure the RAM is 1600mhz. That's the value sweet spot.

    Yes, it'll just about max those games. Skyrim will be easy, and BF3 and Crysis 2 will be pretty solidly maxed (70ish fps, maybe occasionally dipping below 60). Source:,3200-6.html
    Yeah, the 670 is kind of insane. It's a high-end breakthrough in value.

    What's the model of the PSU? A good 650W box would be fine for two 670s.
  3. It was recommended by a friend to get a 750W, and besides it costs only $12 more. I do know the MOBO cant handle SLI, which is why I am going to upgrade that at the same time. However, if your suggested MOBO is near same price, I will obviously upgrade to that.
  4. ahaha, its cheaper lol. thanks
  5. Wait, how much of this do you already own?
  6. I don't own anything, I am looking to purchase it.
  7. Oh, OK. What other parts are you thinking about then? What's your overall budget?
  8. $1000-1100. What should i do about cooling? I am a bit worried about that
  9. You've got some pretty great GPU power going on here, so you might as well get something nice to try to get a decent Ivy overclock going. A $50 Scythe Mugen 3 might be warranted, or an $80 Thermalright Archon if you feel like dropping the money.
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