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Well its simple i am trying to help my nephew out and i cannot afford to build him a new system so i am trying to do my best to use what i have and spend as little as possible to hold him over til Novemberish. I currently have a HP a1130n with a MS 7093 ver .120 motherboard he plays Diablo 2 LoD on it with no real problems but in about a month as most know Diablo 3 comes out and he very much so wants to play that game but doesn't own a computer and only uses my extra HP a1130n. The HP currently has uses the on board video and a small note the monitor used is an old CRT so no real demand on high end graphics, it has a builder series Corsair 430 watt PSU in it and a single core AMD 3800+ (2.4GHz) and 3.00 GB of ram. So i am trying to do my best to get this old rig to run D3 with except able graphics and nothing eye popping he doesn't care, the current funds are around $100 my objective is to upgrade the processor not sure what i can pop in there but a duel core would be really attractive and i see 3800+ X2 on ebay for about $30 but like i said not sure if it will work on that motherboard and i wanna put an ok video card in it and see that i can get a Radeon 6670 for about $90 but i really doubt i can put that in this rig and that brings me to objective 2 i want to put a video card in this bad boy for around $70ish. I have looked into the specs on the motherboard and it doesn't say that it can use a duel core but i thought i read that it could in a forum a couple of years ago also the slots available are PCI, PCI express X 16. Any help would be greatly appreciated with out a doubt!

HP a1130n
Motherboard: ms 7093 Ver.120
939 Socket looking to see if a Duel core will work
PCI express X 16 looking for the best i can do Graphics wise without breaking the bank
Corsair Builder Series 430 Watt PSU
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  1. The CPU should be fine the only issue may be the need for a bios update.
    This is what your manual should say
    Supports Socket-939 for AMD K8 Athlon 64 FX processor
    Supports Newcastle:4000 + and above
    Claw Hammer: 3000+, 3200+ and 3400+ and 3700+
    Sempron: 3100+ and above

    link :

    The 3800+ X2 you are looking at is a Manchester core.

    This from a review circa 2005
    The X2 3800+ is intended to work with AMD's existing Socket 939 infrastructure, and it may well be an upgrade option for current owners of Athlon 64 systems. You'll want to check with your motherboard maker to see whether or not your board will support an X2 before making the leap, though. Some boards need only a BIOS update, but we're finding out that some others just can't handle X2 processors. Most newer motherboards should be fine.

    Source :

    So checking is very much a must. This goes for the video card as well.
    I would look at something like a HD 4670 for compatibility with that board but as I said check as much compatibility wise as you can before buying.

    Mactronix :)
  2. Lets try that link again

    Mactronix :)
  3. So to sum up what you are saying NO HOPE! maybe?
  4. Quite the opposite, I think you have a very good chance of upgrading with minimal effort. The decision is ultimately up to you as compatibility can not be guaranteed with older boards and newer cards.
    As I said if you stick with an older card like the 4670 you should be ok.
    Cant say 100% for sure though.

    Mactronix :)
  5. I don't know that much about the 4670 but the system requirements for D3 i am pretty sure is 5450
  6. Taking a quick look at what Newegg has these look pretty similar for sure but with that said they are PCI express 2.0

    Sapphire $39 512GDDR3

    Sapphire $41 1G DDR3

    XFX $59 1G DDR3
  7. This is a GTS 450 the reason i bring this up is because it is PCI express 2.0 as well and i can use it later for the build in November with out a hick up
  8. The GTS 450 is about equal to a 6770 so its a better performing card than the one you looked at to start with.
    things are a little problematic as i said you cant say yes 100% but as far as I know things don't really get that bad until PCI e 2.1.

    If you have another build planned then it certainly makes sense to give it a go.

    Mactronix :)
  9. I for sure have another build on the way but i don't want to have this card sitting around for that long if it doesn't work because that wouldn't make sense seeing how fast prices have been dropping on graphic cards
  10. I think i have the CPU all buttoned up with a Opteron 2.2GHz Dual core but i have been looking and looking to see if i can in fact pop a PCIe 16 2.0 in this bad boy. Just looking to see if anyone can help me out and has experience with this i also flashed the MOBO to a MSI now its bios version 3.9
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