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I'm looking for a solid, high quality PC that I will be able to take to college and won't have to upgrade for at least two years. I know the minimum I'll have to spend is roughly $1000, and I don't want to spend more than $1500. Ideally I'd spend $1200 and $1300, but as the title says, over that is fine.

Basically, I'll use it for gaming and schoolwork, but gaming is the only thing that will actually be taxing.
I just have no idea where to start on any of this stuff. I've picked out a case, and a 1.5TB hard drive, but I don't know anything about motherboards, or CPU's. I'm somewhat familiar with video cards, and like the Radeon HD 7950 Double D Black Edition Video Card but its around $400, so I'm hoping to find a cheaper card with the same or close to the same quality graphics.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I'm not interested in buying a monitor, keyboard, mouse or any of that. I have those already.
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  1. Does your budget include the parts you already bought?
    Please post the parts you already bought?
    Do you plan to Overclock or SLI/xFire?
  2. please visit this link and fill the form-
  3. I'm actually going to post a new thread because this could get confusing. The part's I'm already buying are included in the budget so its probably around $200 or $300 less, among other things. So follow over if you like.
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