7970.. can't get Eyefinity to work on more than 2 monitors. Help !


7970.. can't get Eyefinity to work on more than 2 monitors. Help !
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  1. throwing this out there, but one of the biggest basic issues i see with people attempting an eyefinity setup is that they don't understand that one of the monitors needs to be a DisplayPort monitor and connection, Example: DVI+DVI+HDMI won't work, but DP+VGA+DVI will or DVI+DVI+DP will, or DP+HDMI+DVI will.

    TL;DR You need one of the three connections as displayport.
  2. That, and you can use a DisplayPort to DVI or HDMI adapter but it must be an active adapter ($30-40)
  3. Yep.

    You are required to use the DisplayPort for Eyefinity. Most people do not have monitors with DisplayPort especially if you have an older monitor or an inexpensive monitor.

    You need to buy something like the following:
  4. For eyefinity, the 3rd monitor must be connected via displayport in order to achieve the higher resolutions enabled in eyefinity. If your monitor does not support displayport then it must be connected via an ACTIVE adaptor, not passive. The following link has a list of approved dongles.


    If you're already using an active adaptor, you then need to create an eyefinity group in the catalyst control centre. Instructions found on this link.


    If your monitor is displayport capable, it needs to be enabled in CCC (I think, sorry, not sure about this but read in another thread that this needs to be done)

    Hope it helps, good luck.
  5. As Black Duck said

    the above will give you instructions on what adapters to use and how to setup the software once its all connected.
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