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Okay so this is my first build and I am planning to move to a multiple monitor setup, more than two most likely. I want to get a second graphics card, but I am not sure which to get. Currently my graphics card is an MSi R6950 Twin Frozr III Power Edition. It is a 256 bit card with 2048MB of memory. It is 850MHz. Here is a link to Newegg's site where all the information is at.
My current setup is an i7 2600K processor oc'd at 4.2Ghz, 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3, an AsRock P67 Extreme4 Gen3, I also have a Corsair AX850 Gold Modular power supply. I am looking for a card that will work well within my current setup. I have no preference in brands, but am looking for a reliable card. I would just get the same card that I have but unfortunately I cannot find one at a reasonable price. Sorry Sears, I will not be paying 470 dollars for this card. Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is my first build and it will be my first time crossfiring.
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  1. the Sapphire 6950 OC edition has a core clock of 820 and memory at 5000mhz (1250mhz)

    as compared to the 850mhz and 5200mhz (1300mhz x4) memory your twin frozor has.
    its the closest i could find to an exact match instock.
  2. Now what is the benefit with the 7xxx series vs 6xxx series? Also what card should be the main one on either of the two options?
  3. 7000 series has better efficiency, better price to performance ratio (I have to admit this is only the 7800 series :lol:) and better compute performance in general. If you want to stay with your 6950 and try to crossfire it with the sapphire 6950 hugostiglitz suggested, Your main one would be the MSI Twin frozer one.
  4. does not matter which is the main (top) card as both will clock to the same speed in crossfire. you can overclock the sapphire to get closer to the Twin Frozr III's performance for better results.

    NOTE: you cannot crossfire 7xxx with 6xxx you would have to replace your 6950 with a 7870 (approx 20% gain) and then looking at adding another 7870 later on.
  5. Okay thanks for the help guys, i think i will be going with a second 6950. I really appreciate your advice ^^ my last question would be is: what are the steps i need to go through to set up crossfire. Is it all done through the bios?
  6. No probelm.

    its done through windows within Catalyst Control Center.
    Step 1. Install Card & Connect Crossfire bridge cable
    Step 2. Make sure you have the most up to date drivers
    Step 3. Open Catalyst Control Center & Navigate to performance or game menu and select the Crossfire section
    Step 4. Click Enable Crossfire and click OK.
  7. awesome thats so easy thank you very much ^^
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