Hello is the AMD Phenom II X6 1100T Black Edition - HDE00ZFBK6DGR / HDE00ZFBGRBO

:p looking to find out if theAMD Phenom II X6 1100T Black Edition - HDE00ZFBK6DGR / HDE00ZFBGRBOX
comapitible with my foxconn a88gmv serries mobo
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  1. According to Foxcon, NO! Does not mean somebody has not tried it and got it to work.
  2. No http://www.cpu-upgrade.com/mb-Foxconn/A88GMV.html at least it's not on the list but the 1090T is on there so its odd it isn't. If you have it already try, if you dont have it I wouldn't buy it as its an expensive possible mistake.
  3. I think it should work, Foxconn just quit updating there list on the website most likely, Don't take my word for it, ASRock does this same thing with CPU's. There is a lot of barebones systems with that board and the 1100T on google.
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