Asus DG or DGX for my Corsair 1300s

I have a pair of Corsair 1300s and I am looking for a cheap sound card with a built in headphone amp. I was looking at the Recon3d cause I thought they were the cheapest cards with an amp until I found the Xonar DG and DGX.

Currently the DG is $26. and the DGX is $39. The $13 bucks difference makes no difference to me. I am just wondering which will be the best between the two. One thing the DGX has me concerned about, the capacitors on it seem quite large and extend past a single pcie lane and could possibly interfere with a graphics card if I put it in the top slot (where I would like to so it wouldn't possibly slow down any other lanes.

Anyone know for sure if this would be a problem or not, which of these 2 cards is best, or if there is a better card for cheap with a headphone amp?

I am primarily gaming, but I like to listen to music as well. I don't have to have Grade A+ audio but I would like B+ ish or better for cheap.

i5 3570k
ASrock z77 extreme4
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  1. A little bit too late, but the DG and DGX probably have the same DAC, so stick with the DG. The real concern is that you need to get better speakers, and I hope you have better headphones to top it off.
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