Visiontek 400518 Radeon HD 3650 on OLD Intel D850GB problem

Hello All

Ive been looking into this problem for a couple of days now and this perticular forum came up alot in my searching so I figured I'd join to see if someone can help me out here. :D

I have an old Gateway 700s LTD That I've kept around so the kids dont mess up my laptop for the third time. (still got one sitting around with a broken connection on the motherboard from being dropped lol) They use it for web browsing and school projects. It does well enough on those the only problem is with video playback and flash based sites with games they visit.

I purchased a Visiontek 400518 Radeon HD 3650 AGP card to upgrade. Problem is that the computer wont go past the windows 7 loading screen flower animation thing and freezes up when the correct drivers are installed.

When I uninstall the correct drivers and use the default microsoft standard vga driver the computer boots up fine.

This old computer is running Windows 7 Ultimate
2gb's ram
80gb hard drive
450w 35 dollar special power supply
Intel board D850GB
1.8ghz pentium 4 proccessor

According to Gateway site my Bios is up to date, but looking at the intel site my bios is several steps behind. I cannot update to the newest bios intel has for the D850GB board because in windows it keeps saying there is an install error and the bios is not the correct version for my system.

According to Intel my chipset drivers are up to date.

This is the main section for the D850GB on intels site.

According to the info Ive been researching its either;
1-an issue with the card itself,
2-a windows 7 driver issue,
3-a non updated bios/chipset to support windows 7

Any help, ideas, things to check would be greatly appreciated. :hello:
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  1. Ok Just wanted to update this thread.

    After alot more reading online including this forum I found the fix. It was as "simple" as updating the BIOS.

    See this was an old gateway computer so the intel BIOS files did not want to load. I sumply put the computer into recovery BIOS mode by taking out the bios jumper on the board to make it take the BIOS update from intel.

    I installed the oldest intel BIOS file first followed by the latest. After that the card works fine.

    SO problem solved :)
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