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hey guys just another question i been doing alot of looking into intel and just wanted some feed back really if its any good was going to get the crosshair v motherboard i was talking about as i own the fx 8150 but people are saying i5 is better for gaming and overclocking. cant really get my head round it tho as an i5 2500k clocked at 4.5ghz is only 18ghz total but then when im overclocking my fx 8150 now at 4.1ghz thats 32.8ghz total so dont really understand how they say its better as i am 14.8ghz better off and there fore make it faster? i dunno if to stick with the crosshair v motherboard or turn to this build

i5 2500k
motherboard? (help)
msi 670 gtx 2gb
ocz 750watt psu
16gb 1866 corsair vengeance
240gb agility 3 ssd
3tb 7200rpm wd hd
corsair h70

or do i stick with what i was going to get or have

fx 8150 (i own this)
crosshair v (meant to be getting)
msi 670 gtx (getting)
ocz 750watt psu (getting)
16gb 1866 corsair vengeance (i own this)
240gb agility 3 ssd (getting)
3tb 7200rpm wd hd (getting)
corsair h70 (i own this)

im really at a loss at what to do man i have £1100 to either put into my old build or to put it into a new build like a i5/i7 build.

my current build is

fx 8150
asrock 970 extreme 3
xfx 5830 1gb
850watt psu (crap one)
16gb 1866 crosair vengeance
sandisk extreme 120gb ssd
4tb of storage (2x1tb/1x2tb) (intrenal)

im a big pc gamer and like getting the best out my cpu so if u could give any advice wood be cool..

cheers stew.

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  1. hmm, you're really went too much deep about (cores) 14 and 32 "GHz" niether cpu can make those frequencies, this is just your thoughts, infact 1 core does not add to another to make it double the clock speed each core running with identical frequency for example we take i5 2500k 3.3ghz it is quad core so each core should running at 3.3ghz it will not add another core clock to reach 6.6ghz and so on. And the same story for fx-8150 8 cores all the cores running separately it will not combine.

    2500k is alot better for gaming cause games does not require more than (2,4)cores and as i said that 2500k is quad core mean 4 cores, in this case 2g00k is absolutely amazing choice for gaming, now if we turn to Fx-8150 8 cores you will not beneficial from extra 4 cores, because games maximum required only 4 cores, 8150 is totally waste of money it's clock instruction per/s is too much weaker than 2500. As you can see in this bench how bad is 8150 beaten by 2500k.
    Thats why everyone saying 2500k is better.
  2. ok so if i go with the i5 2500k whats a good motherboard to go for ive set around £130 for one and i wanna overclock not a lover of onboard graphics more usbs the better
  3. yeah, i5 is much better and good at overclocking ok, could you please convert those into dollars?
  4. $202
  5. ok, here you that all you need.
  6. for about $199.
  7. ok kul think u changed my mind just been looking up on it looks good. got another question is the OCZ 750W Fatal1ty Series Semi-Modular PSU any good
  8. well, seems good. Do you plan for sli/cf?
  9. no not yet
  10. Unless you do not absolutely want more ssd space you might as well save a few pounds there. The Sandisk Extreme's are very decent ssds and 120gig is enough for most people.

    The same might be true for your hdds.
  11. true but i was trying to cut down on cables lol
  12. ok then you're good to go.
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