Difference in Ethernet ports?

There are 10/100/1000 and gigabyte ethernet ports. Are there any differences between brands? Like if two different mobos came with 10/100 ethernet ports, would one perform faster? Would one of them allow for faster connections, or are they all the same? I ask because I get 65Mbps internet speed however, when downloading or streaming it averages at about 6Mbps. I was wondering if I built this badass rig to be bottle-necked by ethernet technology.
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  1. 100/1000 (MB) ethernet ports allow faster connections even though there are hardly any people if non with a network connection over 100Mb/s.

    EDIT: By faster i mean higher data transfer rates (upload and download speeds).
  2. Maybe the question wasn't clear. Let's say two different motherboards have gigabyte ethernet ports. Will one have better transfer rates than the other? Or is it the same technology?
  3. Intel

    Best performance in that order.
  4. I was calling the network card an ethernet port. Wrong name, but the question still applies.
  5. you will get better performance from something with 10/100/1000 .. but theres a catch you get higher bandwidth but the modem and the router have to support that speed say you set your computer to 10/100/1000 but you only have a 10/100 router your still going to be limited to the max data through put on 10/100 t you should have a possible rate of 12.6 MB sec with the 1000 you should have a rate of 128 MB sec max so thats the difference..
  6. They're not brands, they are specifications. Gigabit is another word for 1000. 10/100 means that it can connect at 10 or 100 Mbit/s and so on.

    Re your Internet speed, are you sure you don't mean your download speeds aren't 6 MBps? Note the upper case B indicates bytes, which is 8 times bits. I have 50Mbit/s Internet and my download speeds are typically 6MB(ytes) ps. Slower servers mean slower downloads of course, so you can be bottlenecked at the other end.

    A 10 Mbps Ethernet connection certainly will bottleneck your Internet, as will most wifi connections, but 100 won't.

    If Internet speed is your only concern then 100 is enough. If you have a home network, I would recommend 1000.
  7. http://www.speedtest.net/result/2272925933.png . I have given thought to bottlenecking occuring on server end. But it seems the same with every website. Seems like the only one that works is speedtest.net. I mean it is still pretty fast. I just think it has the potential to be faster. Also, I do have it networked. It supplies my PC, 2 PS3's, and phones.
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