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GTX560ti in dual SLI or save for a GTX680?

exactly as the name says, Just want to know what the toms hardware all knowing oracles thought of it before i make a choice
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  1. If you already have a 560ti, go SLI, if you're buying new, wait for the 680.
  2. I know its out its just the 500-600 is steep. id wait till the price dropped so maybe 6 months...maybe
  3. You could always wait for the rest of the 600 series cards to be released and be on the lookout for benchmarks
  4. gary1 said:

    They're running on short supply with the 28nm graphics processors
  5. Dont turn this into an arguement lol
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    Definately worthg going for the 680 , dont get me wrong the 560ti SLI is a great set up , but the 680 would be a cooler, less power hungry, quieter and better choice.
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