GTX 580/590 No longer In Production

Will the fact that the gtx 580 no longer being produce mean that eventually they will run out of stock? I just slied 580's so it doesnt really affect me but it got me thinking. GTX 480's are still in stock on amazon. I cant image they are still being produced.
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  1. Well, yeah, eventually.. It could take a couple months, or a couple years.
  2. Eventually the supply will become limited enough to make the price go up. That's what has happened with PCI and AGP graphics cards. They are still available, but at a premium. How long has it been since PCIe was adopted? And of course, the secondary market for used parts will supply the market for a long time after that.
  3. Still lots of them are available here. This step may take months. I can even see some 6950/6970 going around newegg (Most of them is out of stock, but still some aren't) which is discontinued long time ago.
  4. Im wanting to do sli with the 580, when and at what price do you recommend i pick up my second one? Im wanting to do gaming at 2k resolution soon.
  5. I would wait 4-6 months before adding the second one. Once more 680's and the rest of the Kepler line up arrive, there could be another drop in price.
  6. No, I think dropping of price will not happen on the 580 after other kepler comes, I think a long time to do that, maybe until the end of the year, or even next year.
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