My internet options w/wired ethernet (It's complicated!)

Hi, so I've recently graduated college and returned home to my parent's house and now I have to figure out how to get internet to work in my room without running the 80ft. ethernet cable from downstairs up through the foyer and in to my room. Wireless has never worked in my room because there is something wrong with the signal (maybe I can get advice on this as well) though it works perfectly fine the same distance away from the router in my brother's room across the hall.

My dad and I were thinking about cutting in through the floorboard and going through the coax cable outlet that goes to my room as we would rout the wire from his office modem downstairs up through the boards to my room and then on to my mom's on the third floor (they've got a big house). Powerline networking won't work either as our house is older and separated onto two different circuit loops so we're really only left with either going through the coax in my room and getting a router that way or wiring the ethernet which would suck.

My question: Is there any other option to wiring our house? I know little about routing through the coax cable, but how would that be down also and what would we need to do it?

Thanks a lot in advance and hopefully my text wasn't too jumbled:P
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