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Best 27inch 3D Monitor?

Hi Everyone :)

Im looking at buying a new monitor and I want it to support Nvidia 3D vision.

So if anyone knows which is the best 3d vision, ready 27 inch, 3d monitor, that comes with the 3d glasses kit,

feel free to let me know

thanks again! :)
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  2. I have noticed that monitor does have a few quarks that my Acer doesn't, but my Acer doesn't have light boost from 3D Vision 2. I'm hoping some of those little quarks get ironed out in the near future.
  3. That's not 3D Vision compatible.
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  5. thanks guys :)

    Im gonna get the asus VG278H it looks to be exactly what i want

    cheers again!
  6. eh sorry... -_-
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