Gaming laptop $1200-$1350

Need A gaming laptop ---INDIA

Budget : $1200-$1350 (60000rs-75000rs)

Processor : i7 (quad) or i5 (quad) [ consider i5 if budget exceeds]

Screen size : 17" (15 also considering)

Resolution : 1600*900 or higher not less than 1024*768

Battery life : 3 or more hrs

RAM : 4-8-12GB

Gameplay : i want to play games at high quality with AA (AA off is not a problem. )

Other uses : not looking for video editing and graphics

Buy from : direct shops like Asus ,HP , DELL and if possible from internet (india)

Country : INDIA

Optical drives : DVD writer

HDD capacity : 500GB+

Preferable brands : DELL, ASUS, HP.... anything good

GPU : GTX 660M (most preferred) GTX 560M or equivalent
VRAM SIZE : 1 or 2GB

pS: if there ia an alienware for the budget also tell
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    You are not getting 3 or more hours with a quad core i7. Also, stay away from Alienware if you are on a budget. They make laptops that you can get for $500 less if you bought from another brand, such as ASUS. You can buy them from or a number of other retailers. There is also a company with a website: that is a courier service which has offices in New York and Mumbai.
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