Need Help About UPS

Hello Guys, I am using a UPS (Link Below) & MY GPU is 750W corsair

My problem is when I receive a Regular powercut my PC shutdowns on getting long beep from my APC UPS

This thing is not happening always .. only sometimes :(

say if I am getting 40-50 times of regular powercut in a month .. My pc shutdowns with long beep atleast 4-5 times

Please let me know what should I do .. is there any problem if my pc shutdowns suddenly ?? :o
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  1. That UPS is only rated for 360 watts.

    Your system could simply be drawing more power than the UPS can handle.

    What are your system specs?
  2. Acer s231hl LED monitor
    2TB WD Black caviar
    8gb Gskill Rams 1600 mhz
    radeon Sapphire HD 6850 GFX
    Corsair 750W GPU
    z68agd80 (B3) Main Board
    I5 2500k
    cabinet Corsair 600T
  3. I even thought so .. but this problem happen only few times not all the times ..

    almost all times working fine when general power cuts .. only few times happen as I said above

    Why is that ? :(
  4. manocool said:
    Why is that ? :(

    Check your manual and status LEDs, there should be a list of beep/LED codes.

    Could be overload, dying batteries, low batteries and probably a few other things.
  5. m' sure its not about battery problem .. Its less than 1 year product and m' getting battery backup too when times

    problem persists only when getting power and cutting power
  6. Either the power from the wall outlet is going in and out of spec and thus causing your UPS to react.

    Or your computer is malfunctioning. (Bad power supply or other computer issue)

    Or, your UPS is "reacting" for no good reason. (Bad UPS)

    Or, you're just pulling more power than the UPS can deliver. (Operator malfunction, operator using UPS that's too small)

    Try running the computer without the UPS. Just pug it directly into the wall outlet and see if it behaves.
  7. m' saying Again Problem persists only few times not all the times

    Can you please tell me how my pc is able to run on 350W UPS ??

    I dont understand these logics if my pc is getting 600W of power when using GFX how my UPS is capable oh holding such load even it is rated to 350W

    if you can clear me this I can solve my problem :)

    Please some one tell me how this is happening
  8. manocool said:
    Can you please tell me how my pc is able to run on 350W UPS ??

    I dont understand these logics if my pc is getting 600W of power when using GFX how my UPS is capable oh holding such load even it is rated to 350W

    Your PC may not be able to run on a 350w UPS system when it is under a heavy load.

    Your PC will not pull max power all the time. It will pull the power it needs to perform the tasks you tell it to perform.

    When you are just sitting there reading an email, your computer probably pulls less than 350w so your UPS should have no problems. When you start doing something that requires the computer to draw more power, it may draw more than 350w...

    THEN your UPS could have a problem supplying the needed power to the PC and you could see symptoms just like the ones your are describing to us.

    Not all the time. Sometimes.

    Power comes from your wall socket, to your UPS and then to your PC.

    Your UPS can't pull more power than the wall socket is capable of providing. (Most wall sockets have more than enough power for any consumer PC)

    Your PC can't pull more power than your UPS is capable of providing.

    It doesn't matter if you have a power supply in your PC that's rated for a million gazillion watts. If it's plugged into a 350w UPS, you will run into problems (like the symptoms you describe) long before you get anywhere near your power supplies rated output or the 600w your GFX might be capable of pulling.

    What I'm explaining here isn't the only possible cause for your problem, but it's very high on the list of probable causes.
  9. Ok I understood the problem is with my UPS .. kindly please help me in choosing a good UPS this time :(

    I am indian based so I get 230V direct input from my power socket

    so kindly suggest me one good UPS

    PS: I may Use Crossfire Technology in coming days .. so please consider my requirements and suggest me good item :)
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    If you have a power supply that uses active PFC, it may not work well with a "regular" UPS, even if the power rating is correct.

    Here's some info on the issue:

    So if you are using active PFC (Which most new power supplies do) this is the least expensive solution that will work for sure:

    A "regular" (simulated sine-wave) UPS may work with your particular power supply or it may not. It's really hit or miss from what I have read.

    If the "pure sine-wave" solution is too expensive and you are willing to chance it, any of these units *may* work for you. (they have all the power you require at least)
  11. Thanks a lot .. I found my exact problem ..

    My PSU is having PFC with PF value of 0.99

    and my UPS having simulated sine wave this is my m' getting my pc shutdown even my pc have no load ..

    I would like to change my UPS rather than changing PSU

    Any ways you solved a big problem for me m' facing this since 1 year .. Many thanks for you mate .. Love your service <3
  12. Do you want to say me anything ?? or shall I close the thread on choosing your answer as best option :D ??
  13. LOL m' into another problem now .. there is no UPS of Pure sine wave available for me

    Please check here :(

    in APC they didnt mentioned anything about pure sign wave .. why is that ??

    check this for example they mentioned only sign wave -->
  14. manocool said:
    in APC they didnt mentioned anything about pure sign wave .. why is that ??

    Because if you want a pure sine wave UPS from APC, you will be looking at units costing somewhere in the neighborhood of $700 and up.
  15. I found that APC smart UPS are the Pure sine Ware

    Any other brands rather than APC in india ??
  16. Not sure about India and the products available over there.

    Glad you have at least isolated your problem.
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