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Hello, I was just wondering what a decent gpu would be? My budget for it is around 300-350 new Zealand dollars. I have picked this card so far but want to know if there is a better one for a similar price

Thanks for any replies :-)
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  1. Maybe this. I don't know with shipping+tax though, if this is not in your budget, that 560 Ti will do well too.
  2. Is it worth paying the extra for that though? Will difference in performance be noticeable?
  3. Generally speaking the more powerful a card, the more expensive it will be for that extra boost in performance. You can use the following performance chart to help you decide. This is a general performance chart, I recommend you click the link below to focus on the resolution that you play games at (or the closest one to it) and to look at the benchmarks for each individual game. In the review, the Radeon HD 7870 is used as a baseline. The Radeon HD 7850 has 87% the performance of the HD 7870 and the GTX 560 Ti has 80% of the Radeon HD 7870. That basically means the HD 7850 is 9% faster than the GTX 560 Ti.


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    Based on the HD 7850 price of $339 and the GTX 560 Ti price of $289. Based on price the HD 7850 is a little more than 17% expensive than the GTX 560 Ti while only providing about 9% better overall performance. So basically you are paying $5.55 more for every additional % of performance.

    Like I said, the higher up you go in performance the more you pay for that performance. It's call the "Law of Diminishing Returns".
  5. jaguarskx said:
    Based on the HD 7850 price of $339 and the GTX 560 Ti price of $289

    jaguarskx, HD 7850s cost around $250-270. HD 7870s are around $349-370.
  6. Gman450 said:
    jaguarskx, HD 7850s cost around $250-270. HD 7870s are around $349-370.

    Yes, they do... in the US.

    The OP lives in New Zealand, and based on the links which he provided, the Radeon HD 7850 costs $339 in New Zealand and the GTX 560 Ti costs $289 in New Zealand.
  7. Just a reference point: $300 of new zealand dollars = 244 usd. So $350 would be around $284 usd.
  8. Yeah, current USD to NZD exchange rate is 1 : 1.21905 so $300 USD works out to $246.09 NZD... at least until the exchange rate change again.
  9. I didn't read that. I thought he was from the US..
  10. Sli 560ti
  11. I don't know about SLI. I would suggest buying a single graphics card, going SLI means micro-stuttering, which can be very annoying. I'm looking for a gpu as well and I'm thinking of buying a gtx 570 or the HD 7850
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