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I just put a new motherboard and cpu in my system and ran into an issue. I installed a 3570k and Z77x-UD5H and got a TDP 812 cooler. After install the board in my case I went to install the cooler, I got it installed and could not mount the ran beacuse of my ram heat sinks. After pulling the 812 I saw only two small patches of contact in the thermal paste. I removed the cpu and installed it again. I mounted the cooler again with the same contact patch showing, I removed the cooler and rotated it 90* and got the same contact. Is this normal or a warped cap on the CPU?
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  1. The heatsink might have a convex contacting block.
  2. Might be concave but I could not find any reference to this, and its not contacting the cpu in the center only on the top and bottom edges. I am running the stock heat sink right now and its at 40*c at idle, that seems high to me. Anyway I am going to be heading to Fry's soon to return the 812 and pick up a smaller heat sink.
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