Do i need extra cables for my DVD burner ?

Hello, i'm new at building computers and i recently got a Plextor 24x Internal DVD RW - PX-L890SA for my new build from newegg but it didn't come with anything else, just the dvd burner. do i need extra cables for this burner or will i just need to connect it to the psu ?

my specs are

i5 2500k
XFX amd hd radeon 6950 2GB
8GB g skill ram
ASrock extreme3 gen3 motherboard
corsair enthusiast 750W PSU
seagate barracuda 1TB HD
crucial m4 64GB SSD
coolermaster storm enforcer
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  1. Your motherboard should come with 3 - 4 SATA cables. You do not need to buy one to connect it to your PSU - all those connectors are built in.
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