Radeon 6870 or Gtx 560 ti?

Hey what do you guys think is better? Please help me build my new pc thnks
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  1. 560 ti
  2. Among what you listed, the GTX 560Ti is faster.
    It's the GTX560 that competes with a HD 6870. Whereas the 560Ti competes with a Radeon HD 6950.
    But for almost the same price as a GTX 560 Ti I'd go for a HD 7850.,3148.html
  3. the 560 = 10% increase over the 6870.

    Say the 6870 = 300 and 560ti = 380

    Then the 6870 is much much better value for money.

    But, really depends on your res' if you want eye candy @ 1920x1024 then you really should go for the 560ti, to hell with the cost.

    For 1600x900 and under, the 560ti/6870 would both be well over 60 fps so it's a waste of money on the 560ti.

    if that makes sense :)
  4. Lol 1920x1024

    @OP 560 Ti is faster. To give what exactly you should go whether it's the 560 Ti or 6870, list the specs.
  5. Oh man, don't do forums at the end of a long shift, thought that looked odd at the time lol!
  6. I love my 560Ti, I play BF3 on Ultra unless multi-player then High. It's an overclocking monster, runs really cool, its short, and you can get one for about $185 right now.
  7. the 560ti is a better card, it is more expensive too. but it is a better card because of nvidias secret sauce... what ever that is I do not know... but the 560ti is faster.
    might be a good idea to get the 2GB version so it can run future games ( the gtx680 has 2GB of course)

    i wish i could recommend the 6870 but 560ti is better. (in my 1100t system the 560ti is at least the same speed as a 6957(a 6950 flashed to a 6970).

    for me the difference comes down to the fact that when i run " Second Life" the 560ti is 50% faster than the 6957... or close to it.
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    The 560 Ti is a faster card, definitely. But if you're thinking in terms of value, the 6870 now can be had for less than $150 with rebates. Newegg has one for $130 post-rebate: That's wayyyy less than 560 Ti, which at the best prices I can find right now is still about $200. It's impossible to justify spending 50% more on the 560 Ti.

    Edit: to get a sense of how comparable the cards are, check here:

    As you can see, there's no way the 560 Ti is 50% faster, and in some games the 6870 actually wins.

    Of course you always get diminishing returns, i.e. 50% more price will never yield 50% more performance. But when those two cards are so close in performance, it doesn't really seem justifiable to me to spend so much more for such a small gain. If you really want to spend more, I'd go up to a 7850 or 560 Ti 448 core (really a totally different card than the 560 Ti). Hell, at those cards' prices, you could even crossfire 6870s if you're willing to deal with the associated annoyances.
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