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Hello I have a question that I hope you guys can help me with. I have a toshiba satellite laptop that started having a display issue a little while back, after checking it I came to the conclusion that something was wrong with the Graphics card I then opened the computer and heated the graphics card and it worked the computer started displaying perfectly but only lasted a week or so and then went back to not displaying anything and I really think that my graphics card is gone for good. The problem now and also the question that I'm trying to answer is that the motherboard on this computer has an Integrated Graphics Card on it and I'm not too familiar with them, is there any way to replace the video chip on it or maybe any other alternative I can do to it so I won't have to replace the entire motherboard just because of this tiny chip??

Thank you for your time and I'll really appreciate any input you guys can give me thanks again...
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  1. Sorry, but there is no way of replacing the onboard graphics processor. If you don't game or just play casual games, you can purchases a very inexpensive replacement graphics card if you like.
  2. Thanks for your suggestion and no I really don't need the computer for games or any High performance task like that I just like to get it working. Would a usb external video card work or would I need to hook up another card from withing the motherboard?
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