LED lighting in an old system

USB is 5 volts, and that is too much electricity to power custom stuff that I made. I want the electricity to go to the fan first. Should I hook up the fan to the battery and then the LEDs to the fan?
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  1. You could build a voltage divider and draw from the PSU.
  2. The same power from the power supply is also 5 volts, so I'm stuck. I half got it working right now, I just want to do away with the wires
  3. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voltage_divider
  4. Thanks, I didn't have any resistors so I used a fan. The fan reduces the voltage to just about what I wanted. That was my initial plan, and my original question was about putting the resistor in series or parallel.
  5. Cool, hope it works now.
  6. Yup, now I need to buy more LEDs.
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