Duel moniters 7870 dvi and HDMI

ok so i want to set up duel moniters.

my 7870 ice q only has 1 dvi slot on it

and also a hdmi slot can i plug one moniter into to dvi and one moniter into hdmi is this possible?

and is there anything else i need to do

i want it so u can drag drop but the screens are not linked or w/e
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  1. It should be possible.
  2. I have the sapphire 7870. I have it configured that way.

    1x HDMI
    1x DVI
    1x mDP -> DVI adapter

    The card will run 4 monitors.
  3. ok thx now whats the best way to set them up in catalyst and windows 7 like if im on one moniter i dont want im doing on there to be happening on the other 1 lol
  4. Split the display. Do not duplicate it.
  5. ok thx
  6. hey i need help i told it to extend the display in windows 7 now one of the screen jsut has the desktop background and nothing on the desktop
  7. i wanted them to be split, so if i open a file on one moniter it doesnt open it on the other one so i can play a game on one and be browsing on the other how do i do that
  8. the task bar is not showing up on the second moniter neither is any of the desktop icons or anything else either
  9. drag a game icon that you want to play to the second monitor and double click on it, it should open only on the second monitor. Then open a browser or anything you want to do in the first monitor.
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