New CPU, Mobo, RAM & SSD ($1000 budget)

I'm looking to upgrade my rig with a new motherboard, processor, memory, and ssd. I have $1,000 to spend on this upgrade. So far, I'm leaning towards these components:

CPU: Intel Core i5-3570k ($190)
Mobo: Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H ($110)
SSD: Samsung 830 256GB ($275)
Memory: Samsung Green 2x4GB ($48)

Total: $623
+$40 in gas = $663

Everything from Micro Center.

Just for reference, my current build consists of an Asus P5N-D Mobo, Core 2 Duo e8400, 2xWD Caviar Blue? 750GB in RAID 0, and 4GB OCZ Memory.
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  1. I'm also looking for any sweet deals on the 3570k or a 3570k motherboard combo if anyone knows of any.

    I found that Micro Center is selling the 3570k for only $190 but unfortunately the closest one to me is 2 and a half hours away.
  2. I learned that I can save $85 if I buy the cpu + mobo from Micro Center so I think I will pay the $40 in gas to drive out there tomorrow and get everything there.

    Right now I'm leaning towards a Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H mobo and 2x4GB Samsung Green 30nm Memory.
  3. Yeah that's what I'm going for. I'm willing to spend 5 hours on the road and $40 in gas for that $85 total savings and the ability to have all my new parts tomorrow!

    I'm guessing from the lack of replies that the components I picked are good. I'm not buying this until tomorrow so if anyone can recommend better, please do.
  4. the reason why its hard not to disagree is the fact that 3570k can pretty much power any rig fine, and most debates come from choosing the psu/gpu in combination. though if you plan to overclock that 3570k, be sure to get a dedicated cpu heatsink like the hyper 212+/evo (be aware you will also need about ~6.5 inches from the cpu to the side of the case that comes off to fit it)
  5. That's a fine set of parts there.

    You could get a cheaper SSD.

    Crucial's are solid. Would save you another $40-$50
  6. I did consider the Crucical M4. The price really is great and I will look at the comparisons of it vs the 830 a few more times and see if I can justify the price a second time. I may reconsider, since I would like to also upgrade my graphics card in the near future and any extra money I save here will help with that.

    I will be reusing many parts from my old build. This includes:

    Case: CM690 with 7 case fans in place
    PSU: Corsair TX750
    Heatsink: Thermaltake Venomous X w/ 2 XIGMATEK XLF-F1253s
    Graphics: 2x Geforce GTX 260 in SLI

    I'm still pretty happy with my old GTX 260's in SLI so I will continue to use those until I can justify the price on a GTX 680 or better.
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