Is it possible to upgrade laptop CPU?

I have a ASUS G72gx and its CPU is kinda gettin a little outdated. Its a core2duo 2.53, is it possible to upgrade to like a duo extreme or duo4core? Maybe even further?
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  1. It may be possible, however, it's generally not recommended due to too many factors that could go wrong in the process.

    Since your laptop is gaming oriented, I would do some research and see if it's possible to swap out the CPU. I know some gaming laptops are fully capable of swapping out components, so you may be lucky :)
  2. Generally no. Laptops are usually custom made with a certain chip in mind and the bios generally only supports that chip. Even if it may support higher clocked / better chips, the actual laptop cooling system may not even by sufficient to get rid of the heat.

    -- It's possible but hard to do so.
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