Need to replace power supply but confused on connections

I need to replace my power supply on an older build. Motherboard is Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R. Pin connections in the manual are 2x4 12V and 2x12 main power connector. It's been sometime since my last build, and I find myself confused when looking at the listings on New Egg. I see mostly 20+4 pin and PCI Express connections of 1 x 6 pin and 1 x 6 + 2 pins. Not sure what I should be getting (i.e.: would the 20+4 work in the 2x12?).

I'm looking for 500 watts or more, something inexpensive. Any help in clearing up my confusion and/or any recommended power supplies will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. I would recommend a Corsair CX500V2, it's a 500w PSU at around $50 :) It's very reliable and it's made by Seasonic.

    Also, your motherboard is in standard ATX form factor, thus your power connectors and everything else will also be in ATX form factor. You have nothing to worry about.
  2. Thanks! Will take a look now.
  3. You're very welcome! :)
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