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Blank screen with Asus GTX 560 Ti

My first home build is almost complete ...

HAF 912 case
Corsair 650 PSU
Intel SSD 120 GB
WD 1T hdd
ASRock Extreme 4 Gen 3 MoBo
Windows 7 Professional 64 bit

this configuration works, but when I install the Asus GTX 560 Ti graphics cards I get a blank screen and nothing.

I have checked the connections and they seem good. Would getting the latest drivers help? I'm not sure as I get nothing when I try to boot the machine. Everything else seems to work, and there are 2 green lights on the card when installed, so there is power.

Any thoughts?

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    i'm amusing both 6 pin power connectors are plugged in, right?

    try a different pcie slot and try a different video port.

    Do you have another gpu lying around (or in another computer?). If you do, try using it to see if it works in this computer. If it does then RMA the 560 ti.
  2. Quote:
    i'm amusing both 6 pin power connectors are plugged in, right?

    Yes, both 6 pin connectors are attached. I'll try another PCIe slot.

    Unfortunately I don't have another GPU or desktop around to try it out.

  3. OK ... I solved this one myself by taking my head out of my a$$, and switching the cable. Works beautiful now.

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