Rig to Game in max detail, 35-40 FPS @ 1366X768


I want to upgrade my current set up so that the system is able to handle max detail out of every game thrown at it (even directx 11 effects).I dont care much about AA as such,but want to make sure texture ligthing etc are always maximum.I wont be mostly upgrading my monitor so it will still be at a resolution of 1366X768.I am seeing that my current rig is not able to do this now with games like Witcher 2,BF3,LA noire etc.So i have thought to upgrade CPU,RAM,mobo and video card.

Current Setup
Current CPU:AMD Athlon II X4 630
MOtherboard:Entry level AM3 Gigabyte mobo
GPU: MSI HD 5750 1 GB DDR5

The doubts I have here are:

1.Will changing one of either CPU/GPU make the difference to reach the target I have set or do i need to do a complete overhaul?

If i need to change all components then here is a build that I am looking at.

CPU: Core i5 2400
Motherboard:Intel DH67CL
RAM:Corsair Vengeance 1X8 GB DDR3

I will be using my Cooler master 460 W extreme power plus for the new set up.

2.Is the above proposed set up overkill, underpowered or just right for the FPS/detail level i am hoping to achieve.Can anythin be tweaked?Apologies if this is not a valid query.Please point out any mistakes that I might be making.

Thanks in advance
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    Just upgrading your HD 5750 to a faster card will enable you to game at 1366X768 resolution and higher... with all the eye candy including anti-aliasing. Unless you just want to build a new machine, upgrade to a HD 6850 or HD 7850. The PSU should be sufficient.
    If you have an adequate processor, frame rate is mainly about the graphics card.

    And get yourself (2 x 2GB) 4 GB of memory, too.
  2. Overclock your CPU, buy a 2x4GB set of RAM, buy a 6870 - that should max every game at your lowish resolution for ca.$200.

    EDIT: of course if you're planning a monitor upgrade to full hd a 7850 (overclocked) should max every game at that resolution.
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